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Playing Guitar Is a Great Way to Worship God

Worship Guitar
Maybe you are just starting out and have a desire to play acoustic guitar in your church, your homegroup, or in your personal times of worship. Guitar lessons can be so helpful to hone and develop your gift, and bring you to a place where you inner heart of worship can be freely expressed through your instrument. Together with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, skilled musicianship and the anointing of God are a potent mix. I am writing this to encourage you, there are some great resources out there that were not available to me when I began, and you can be worshipping Jesus quickly and skillfully by taking advantage of them. You can learn Black Gospel Guitar Lessons easily too.

Worship Guitar

What Makes A Good Christian Guitarist?

So what does it take to be a good Christian guitarist, beyond a willingness to practice and perfect his skill with the instrument? Passion. True interest in playing guitar comes from a burning desire to be what your heroes are. Its a blind passion. But, before you even pick up a guitar, you must first ask yourself these questions: Do I listen to music differently than my friends who don't play guitar? when it comes to listening to music, do I see myself being able to not only play all of the guitar parts, but be able to play all of the guitar parts on stage? Do I see myself playing guitar above anything else under GOD?

Worship Guitar


If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, chances are you have what it takes to become a serious guitarist. Now, you should pick up your guitar, and if the burning passion's there, never put it down. Never let it go. By now, you should know that playing guitar is much more than just something that you do, You are a musician whose playing god's music, and that's not just something that you do, its who you are. So be proud, not just anybody can say they are musicians.

Easy And Popular Christian Guitar Songs to Play

One of the best ways to learn guitar is to start with easy worship guitar songs. Although that wasn't my plan when I first started playing, easy christian guitar songs made me the guitar player and musician that I am today. I've been playing guitar, writing songs, performing worship and concerts for a living now for the better part of my adult life. Easy worship guitar songs are great because they give you a chance to practice all the basic chords while playing songs that you're familiar with. Here are a few simple songs that are good way to get started:

Worship Guitar

1. Give Us Clean Hands 2. Here I Am To Worship 3. Holiness 4. Hungry 5. Open The Eyes Of My Heart 6. Forever 7. Agnus Dei 8. Stir In Me 9. God of Wonders 10. Famous One 11. Come Thou Fount 12. We Are Hungry 13. Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) 14. Good To Me 15. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble 16. Let Everything That Has Breath 17. Center 18. Everything 19. Jesus Lover Of My Soul 20. Lord I Lift Your Name On High These are a few of these songs that are familiar to most people, which is great because you can lead the worship for your friends or at youth group or something, and everybody will likely be able to sing along. Songs like these simple worship guitar songs will help you get the basics of playing guitar, and then you can move on to some of your other favorites that are a bit more challenging. Godspeed!


Learn to Play "Here I Am To Worship"

How to play Here I Am To Worship out of key D on acoustic guitar, chords are D A Em D A G in verses, chorus is G D A D G and the bridge is A D G D (the last time through stay on the G before going back into the chorus. CLICK HERE ==> Black Gospel Guitar Lessons

Learn to Play Your Favorite Worship Songs On Guitar Quickly

The "Play Worship Guitar Course" is specifically designed for anybody who wants to learn to pick up the guitar. You are going to have fun learning the guitar and how to play your favorite christian guitar songs like a true musician.... Fast!

Here's a list of christian songs that you'll learn:

- Here I Am to Worship - Agnus Dei - Give Us Clean Hands - Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Holiness - Plus tons more.......!

Learning guitar ultimately means learning how to play guitar songs and being able to be shown exactly how to do that is very important.

On top of step by step videos lessons that teaches you popular christian songs, the Play Worship Guitar Course also covers essential guitar lessons for complete musicianship on topics such as Chord Voicing, Dynamic Guitar Techniques, Unique Strumming Patterns, Dynamic Guitar Techniques, Music Theory,Barre Chords, Power Chords, Music Scales System etc...

Worship Guitar